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Boosting poor PISA results starts in preschool: ACER

The Program for International Student Assessment  (PISA) is a standardised literacy, numeracy and science test of 15-year-olds across 72 countries, conducted by the OECD. Yet it doesn’t measure rote learning. Rather, it tests whether kids can apply their knowledge to real-life scenarios. For Aussie students, this task has proved difficult. Like ...

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Opinion: Formal schooling can wait

Over recent decades, in many countries across the world, there has been increasing concern about the disparity in life expectations between children born into relative affluence and those born into more disadvantaged circumstances. This is true between nations, of course, ...

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Early-learning groups say they know why NAPLAN flatlined

It’s turned out to be a bad investment: “record” government school funding hasn’t yielded concordantly higher numeracy and literacy results, as NAPLAN 2016 revealed last week. This year, reading and numeracy increased by minuscule increments in NAPLAN testing, whilst writing ...

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