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Over a thousand teachers share why they entered the profession

Why choose teaching? Australian Catholic University’s Learning Sciences Institute Australia (LSIA) asked a random sampling of 12,854 Queensland-registered teachers. Just over 1,160 responded – which makes it the largest-ever current teacher survey – and the results were illuminating, if not unexpected: ...

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Report uncovers startling teacher statistics

The teacher brain drain continues, NAPLAN’s substantially unwanted, and stress levels are untenable. Those are just some of the disquieting findings from a new Australian Scholarships Group (ASG) and Australian College of Educators (ACE) teacher survey. From over 300 teachers surveyed ...

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Australians trust school teachers more than ever

Teachers may be flustered by the advent of the My School website, showing individual schools’ NAPLAN scores, but perhaps they needn’t be. A Roy Morgan Research survey has revealed they are the fourth most trusted professionals in Australia. The market ...

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NAPLAN: a force for good or evil?

“I always say in jest to people, if you type NAPLAN in a Word document or on the computer, it autocorrects to NAPALM, which I think says it all.” Associate professor Michael Nagel, an educational psychologist at the University of ...

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Teaching becoming an out-of-field workforce, experts warn

Thousands of teachers worldwide educate students in areas outside of their expertise – and this isn’t just limited to subject knowledge. As the Australian Catholic University’s Dr Anna Du Plessis outlines in her book, Out-of-Field Teaching Practices: What Educational Leaders Need ...

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