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Whole language should be banned: Grattan Institute

One-third of Australian children can't read this sentence. The Grattan Institute says that fact is a preventable tragedy that will cost Australia $40bn over those students' lifetimes. All schools should use a 'structured literacy' approach to teach reading with a ...

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Indigenous-led education insights

A career and wellbeing support foundation for Indigenous students collected data from over 500 kids from 49 schools to find out what truly helps First Nations learners stay engaged in education. Aurora Education Foundation is an Indigenous-led organisation that provides ...

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Should schools be put into “families?”

A new report says current school-improvement models aren't capable of tackling the immense challenges our education system is currently facing; including increasing teacher recruitment and retention, and improving student learning. A "goldilocks" solution – stemming not from a single, isolated ...

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Why are schools still doing NAPLAN?

Education authorities remain insistent that the National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) tests are an effective tool and useful in tracking student learning, three years after a survey found teachers disagree. This is the second year NAPLAN was held ...

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