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Managing disruptive behaviour in the classroom

Reducing classroom distractions and teaching behavioural skills to students will be essential to minimise disruptive behaviour at school, an education expert has said. The latest OECD report, which offered an outlook on Australia's education system, highlighted that the nation's "disciplinary ...

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Universities struggling to place student teachers

Better partnerships between universities and schools will be needed to strengthen Initial Teacher Education (ITE) and ensure future teachers stay on the job long-term. According to Australian Catholic University's Dean of Education Professor Mary Ryan, one of the major issues ...

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Teaching through play with Nüdel Karts: podcast

Children can further develop their literacy and numeracy skills, social capabilities and creative thinking abilities through playtime, a playground expert has said.  Marcus Veerman, founder and CEO of Nüdel Kart, a deconstructable and mobile play carts concept based on 'loose ...

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Beating the ‘back-to-school blues’: podcast

Are you feeling stressed, physically unwell, and dragging your feet to enter the classroom? you might be experiencing back-to-school blues, a psychology expert said. University of Queensland Professor of Clinical Psychology Vanessa Cobham said feeling gloomy at the beginning of ...

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