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How one 14-year-old went from victim to anti-bullying campaigner

Two years ago, people posted humiliating comments on Monique Mastrobattista’s social media posts. Now, she receives adulation. “You go girl ⭐️,” willbasill wrote on an Instagram snap of her posing with some X Factor contestants. “Such a inspiring young lady 💕,” galinanurmi remarked. Mastrobattista’s story ...

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Why migrant kids often excel academically

In 2017, James Ruse Agricultural High became the top-performing NSW school for the 22nd consecutive year. In that same year, 97 per cent of its students were from a language background other than English (LBOTE). Though this correlation doesn’t prove causation, it ...

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New research reignites class streaming debate

The lower-attaining the student, the worse the effect streaming has on them, new research has found. Published in the Cambridge Journal of Education, a study found that streaming creates a ‘culture of dependency’ in ‘lower’ classes, which inhibits students’ learning. Using data ...

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New technology transforms learning

Students at Coomera Anglican College are visiting Egypt in the morning, Antarctica at lunch, and Mars in the afternoon, thanks to the opening of its newest facility, The Pod, this week. The futuristic facility was designed to “take learning out of ...

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A day at the opera, at school

When you picture a typical opera-goer, you wouldn’t imagine a chubby-cheeked, gap-toothed primary schooler. But that’s who is currently privy to the trills and melodrama of Opera Australia performers. The company’s 20th annual Schools Tour program is bringing cultural glee to Kindergarten to ...

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How to deswaddle cotton wool kids, for good

We’ve all heard of ‘cotton wool kids’ and ‘helicopter parents’. Instead of merely complaining about these modern phenomena, David Gregory is addressing them. An outdoor educator, he thinks that students should ‘learn by doing’, particularly outdoors, as this teaches them ...

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