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NAPLAN: a force for good or evil?

“I always say in jest to people, if you type NAPLAN in a Word document or on the computer, it autocorrects to NAPALM, which I think says it all.” Associate professor Michael Nagel, an educational psychologist at the University of ...

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NAPLAN content might be discriminatory

Australia’s schools and their students are on trial once more: annual NAPLAN testing will be held next week. This year, however, an education lecturer wishes something would change. Dr Kathy Bates of Western Sydney University scrutinised how NAPLAN writing papers may ...

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Bush kindy’s therapeutic, Japanese roots

Tree-time with kids may be good for all kinds of development, including physical stamina, gross motor skills and risk-management skills. But it also has lesser-known benefits for children and adults alike. These are captured in what the Japanese call shinrin-yoku, ...

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Potential of dogs as reading aids unleashed

Weighing 113 kilograms and standing over two metres tall, Baron, an English Mastiff, could be Australia’s largest dog. But that’s not his only claim to canine fame: Baron is also a certified therapy dog. At Penrith Valley School in Sydney’s ...

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