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Trial of high school ‘paradigm shift’ a triumph

Picture an entrepreneur. Maybe a rock star one like Mark Zuckerberg, or a more socially-conscious, local one like the guys from Who Gives a Crap. Then imagine the skills they drew on to scale their businesses, things like ambition, problem-solving, communication ...

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Needs of high achievers not met

Is our education system failing high achievers? Experts say that’s unfortunately the case. The Australian Council for Educational Research’s Geoff Masters addressed the problem in his latest presentation – ‘understanding and addressing the learning needs of our highest performing students’ ...

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Why PISA is moving towards creativity

Along with a relatively small number of countries such as New Zealand, Singapore and Finland and Scotland, Australia is unusual in that, as well as a focus on knowledge and skills, its national curriculum explicitly requires schools to teach certain ...

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About that suicide-school grades link

It’s the fatal phenomenon with silent symptoms. Now, there’s a clue that might help detect suicidal tendencies. A large, longitudinal Swedish study found that those who performed poorly at school were five times more likely to kill themselves later in life, and ...

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Schools work to improve STEM subjects

The federal government has committed to backing a new initiative by school principals aimed at improving STEM teaching and leadership. Minister for Education and Training Simon Birmingham said the STEM Leaders project would improve participation and engagement, and lead to better ...

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