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Prebuilt classrooms may be way of the future

As the Australian population and school enrolments continue to grow, prebuilt modular classrooms may be the solution the education sector needs. This is the opinion of University of Melbourne researchers, who are currently working with BHA Project Management and the Victorian ...

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The case for a review of NAPLAN

After a successful campaign to scrap the compulsory rollout of NAPLAN online testing in Queensland, experts are asking the inevitable question: is NAPLAN testing still worthwhile? University of the Sunshine Coast’s associate Professor Michael Nagel specialises in research on childhood ...

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CSIRO teaches Melbourne girls cybersecurity

As part of Safer Internet Day today, the CSIRO is bringing cybersecurity sessions, real-world STEM skills and the latest research into Melbourne Girls College. CSIRO STEM professionals will be at the school to discuss the changes moulding the new data-driven ...

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Yes, student curiosity can be cultivated

Curiosity did, in fact, kill the cat, yet it is an invaluable skill; one that can be inculcated from birth. But what exactly is it, and what’s its purpose? Cognitive neuroscientist Matthias Gruber describes curiosity as an energising force that activates ...

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Vic students must learn Aus values: opposition

Victorian students will be taught Australian values and “the principles of Western enlightenment” if the coalition opposition wins the 2018 state election. The opposition’s School Education Values Statement wants to see students taught values “that have stood the test of ...

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