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Australia’s leading independent education content provider

Published since 1997, Education Review is Australia’s leading independent K–12 education print and digital content provider. Our widely respected journalists engage an audience of more than 80,000 educators every month, delivering over 35,000 leads a year in an industry worth about $84 billion per annum. We are widely read by principals, teachers, government and independent school governing bodies, school boards and support staff. IBIS reports: “Through 2016–17, the education sector’s revenue is forecast to expand by 3.6% per annum, to a total of $100.6 billion.”

Our unique product mix of audio, video, print and digital solutions helps suppliers generate more leads than anyone else, through our access to exclusive subscription media audiences. If you’re looking to create better connections or generate immediate leads in the K–12 education sector, contact us today.

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    Use the latest in print and online technology to help your ad stand out as soon as someone picks up a magazine or sees your ad on the website or enewsletter. If you’re looking to create better connections or generate immediate leads in higher education, contact us today.

    Advertorials create insight into your brand and enhance its coverage. Here you can decide what you should say about your company as well as the message you would like to get across. Advertorials are one of the strongest and most efficient forms of advertising.

    The idea is to present an existing problem or condition in a written one-page article and then provide a solution – your product or service! As a bonus, you can accompany your advertorial with a full-page advertisement to reinforce brand awareness.

    With more than 20 podcasts weekly, Education Review is at the forefront of education industry news, giving our readers the perfect opportunity to listen with ease and flexibility to news and information that is relevant to them. Our podcasts allow our team to communicate information directly and efficiently, therefore creating an intimate and personal connection with our audience. This connection increases loyalty to our publication, which is demonstrated by the high levels of engagement from our audience, which has over 1,600 plays per month.

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