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Educational Revolution with Acer Predator League Academy

Acer Predator League Academy is an innovative initiative that transforms the integration of esports into the educational landscape of Australia and New Zealand. This program merges the excitement of esports with the pursuit of educational excellence. Esports transcends mere gaming, offering a dynamic platform where students engage in structured competitions while honing critical skills essential for success in the modern world.

What is the Acer Predator League Academy?

The Acer Predator League Academy (APLA) is a national, year-long esports tournament uniquely designed to align with and enrich the school term. In partnership with Livewire, a leading name in the gaming marketing and gametech sphere, Acer is set to revolutionise the secondary education space by providing a structured yet thrilling platform for high school students to engage in competitive video gaming.

Why Join APLA?

Empowerment Through Gaming: The league is more than just a competition; it's a comprehensive platform that encourages students to pursue their passion for video games in a constructive environment. It aims to sharpen cognitive skills, foster team building, enhance communication, and build resilience.

A Year of Exciting Competition: Set within the popular game Fortnite, the league features a series of weekly competitions during terms two and three. Students will form teams to represent their schools, facing off in custom Fortnite maps designed to both challenge and entertain. The culmination of this thrilling tournament will be a grand final event at SXSW Sydney, where the top Fortnite teams in the country will be crowned.

As we gear up for the upcoming competition, it's essential to acquaint yourselves with the diverse map pool awaiting your students' mastery. Carefully curated maps are designed to challenge participants and foster critical thinking within the Fortnite universe.

Map Pool

Schools will form teams of four students to compete across three maps. The maps have been designed to promote communication, strategy and critical thinking. The layouts have been built with a competitive experience in mind, and willl test players skills and teamwork within the Fortnite world.

Acer's Commitment to Education and Esports

As an initiative of Acer, the Predator League Academy underscores our dedication to blending education with the exciting world of esports. By providing a safe, structured, and engaging platform, we aim to harness the positive aspects of gaming to complement traditional educational values.

Get Involved

We invite your school to join this groundbreaking journey into the realm of educational esports. With Acer's Predator League Academy, transform the gaming enthusiasm of your students into valuable life skills and watch them strive for excellence, both in and out of the classroom. By infusing gamification into learning, esports foster a stimulating environment where students can achieve academic goals while remaining passionately engaged.

Unlocking the Benefits of APLA Participation

Participating in the Acer Predator League Academy offers a multitude of advantages for schools and students alike:

  • Skill Development: Cultivate essential social-emotional skills, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities.
  • Pathways to Success: Open doors to future careers and technology-related STEM fields.
  • Inclusivity: Promote inclusivity and engagement among students and the broader community.
  • Academic Performance: Improve attendance, focus, and extracurricular involvement, leading to enhanced academic outcomes.
  • Gateway to Tech Learning: Provide students with a captivating avenue to explore technology-related learning.

Unleashing the Academic Potential of Esports

Research demonstrates a strong correlation between esports engagement and improved academic performance. By tapping into students' interests, esports serve as a conduit for acquiring crucial STEM skills and nurturing personal development.

Career Avenues in Esports

Participation in esports isn't just about gaming; it's about preparing students for diverse career pathways within the industry. From players and strategists to content creators and IT specialists, esports offer a rich tapestry of career possibilities for aspiring students.

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