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Doctors call for death education in schools

Death education should be taught in the classroom to demystify ageing and dying among younger Australians, Queensland doctors have argued. Australian Medical Association Queensland said young people need to be educated about medical, legal and other issues that surround ageing ...

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How two different NAPLAN approaches affected students

Would it matter whether your school intensely coached students for NAPLAN, as opposed to taking a ‘business as usual’ approach? Researchers from Flinders University analysed these two ‘NAPLAN cultures’. Indeed, they found ‘stark’ differences between them. Perhaps unsurprisingly, dissatisfaction and fear ...

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Could a new language strategy help close the gap?

In 2017, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students constituted approximately six per cent of all Australian school enrollments. Yet, it is well-known that they tend to struggle in this context compared with their non-indigenous peers: their 10 point lower school ...

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Ivory powers: the piano’s hidden benefits

Although music is a universal cultural characteristic, according to national peak body Music Australia just 23 per cent of government schools provide students with an effective music education. By contrast, 88 per cent of independent schools do so. This is additionally concerning as it ...

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How one 14-year-old went from victim to anti-bullying campaigner

Two years ago, people posted humiliating comments on Monique Mastrobattista’s social media posts. Now, she receives adulation. “You go girl ⭐️,” willbasill wrote on an Instagram snap of her posing with some X Factor contestants. “Such a inspiring young lady 💕,” galinanurmi remarked. Mastrobattista’s story ...

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Why migrant kids often excel academically

In 2017, James Ruse Agricultural High became the top-performing NSW school for the 22nd consecutive year. In that same year, 97 per cent of its students were from a language background other than English (LBOTE). Though this correlation doesn’t prove causation, it ...

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