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Kids’ sleep guidelines spell out shut-eye

New guidelines show how much shut-eye children should be getting. The recommendations range from up to 16 hours daily for babies to at least eight hours for teens. They come from a panel of experts and give parents fresh ammunition for ...

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Five tips for getting girls into STEM for good

The gender imbalance in STEM fields is well documented. The need for more women in physics, engineering and computer science-related professions – for example – is being pushed by universities, industry and, in this election cycle at least, politicians. But while STEM ...

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Measure students’ soft skills: Mitchell Institute

A university think tank wants the soft skills of schoolchildren to be measured, including critical thinking ability, work ethic and sense of community responsibility. The report Education data: Harnessing the potential, from Victoria University’s Mitchell Institute, states that these attributes should ...

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Ritalin linked to higher heart disease risk in kids

The controversial hyperactivity drug Ritalin has been linked to an increased risk of heart rhythm problems. A new study found that the drug frequently used for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is associated with an increased risk of abnormal heart ...

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Teach creativity, don’t measure it: school leader

You can’t measure creativity, nor the soft skills needed to thrive in jobs and tertiary education, so education should end its obsession with measurement and ranking, a senior educator has argued. Meredith Melville-Jones, director of Sydney’s Bradfield Senior College, said ...

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Australian Ballet goes to Broome schools

Ballet is going bush, and is in Broome schools. The Australian Ballet has brought Out There, its schools program, to Broome. It featured at local Cable Beach Primary and St Mary’s Catholic Primary earlier this week and will perform a new ...

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