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Last year's CBA winners. Picture: Supplied.

Australia’s top educators to be recognised at teaching awards

A handful of the nation's most inspirational and hardworking educators will be recognised at the 2023 Commonwealth Bank Teaching Awards next month.

The program, which has run since 2016, will award 12 teachers working in schools across Australia with $40,000 to go towards a strategic project, including $25,000 for their school.

This year's winners will participate in a 12-month Teaching Fellowship program.

Chief of Schools Plus, Rosemary Conn, said the fellowship gives teachers an opportunity to learn through peer sharing, which is vital given the current challenges facing our education system.

"People that have been recognised through the teaching awards demonstrate the best of what teaching can be in terms of a profession," Ms Conn told Education Review.

"All the teaching fellows are diverse, and they're bringing their personal passions into the classroom to inspire their students.

"It is a unique opportunity that every teacher and every school can benefit from."

Ms Conn spoke with Education Review about the upcoming CBA awards and what qualities make a great teacher.

Do you know a great teacher or want to apply? Nominate at Schools Plus before May 7.

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