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Class of 2017 smashes HSC record

NUMBER-CRUNCHING 2017 HSC RESULTS: The overall numbers – A record 77,150 students completed at least one HSC course – A record 68,816 students were awarded the HSC – A record 57,068 students are eligible for an ATAR – A record ...

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Education spending ‘incoherent’: Mitchell Institute

An education policy and research body has rebuked the government for its approach to sector funding, calling it “disjointed”. Victoria University’s Mitchell Institute, in its report Expenditure on Education and Training in Australia 2017, based its view on 2015-16 federal, state ...

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Gen Z students need hands-on learning

The majority of Gen Z students feel unprepared to leave school and want access to more hands-on and creative learning experiences in the classroom, a new study has found. The Adobe study, Gen Z in the Classroom: Creating the Future, ...

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Audit slams school funding transparency

The federal government doesn’t have any way of knowing whether the billions of dollars it gives to schools is being spent based on need or if it’s actually helping lift student results. A damning audit released last week says the education ...

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