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Teaching students’ high school scores in the spotlight

Students with dismally poor high school results are being accepted into university teaching courses, setting off alarm bells about the quality of some Australian educators. The university sector, however, says low scores don’t tell a student’s full story and only ...

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Why teaching should be like medicine

What do a doctor and a teacher have in common? Potentially nothing, yet Professor Geoff Masters would like them to share something significant. Delivering a keynote presentation at the ACER Research Conference 2018, Masters, ACER’s CEO, explained his viewpoint. “The origins of ...

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Australian classroom live-streams with refugee student

A group of Australian students has used technology to ‘e-meet’ a girl who fled war-torn South Sudan with her siblings after rebels shot dead their father. Five teenagers at Melbourne Girls College, in years eight to 10, live-streamed with Lilias, ...

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What might help would-be psychopaths

We need to talk about Kevin. Kevin Khatchadourian is a 15-year-old boy who committed a massacre at his high school and killed his father and sister. Growing up, he exhibited early signs of psychopathy: chronic unrest during infancy, failure to ...

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Japanese students build VR tour of Hiroshima bombing

Japanese high school students have produced a five-minute virtual reality experience that recreates the sights and sounds of Hiroshima immediately before, during and after the US dropped an atomic bomb on the city 73 years ago. By transporting users back ...

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