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Podcast: Issue of the week – ATAR overhaul?

This week NSW Education Minister Sarah Mitchell announced she wanted “an overhaul” of ATAR. Her decision was based on research showing the population has lost faith in it and it was causing students too much stress. AS 61,000 NSW students ...

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New play tackles youth suicide prevention

During Mental Health Month it’s important to remember that suicide is still the leading cause of death for Australians aged 15-44. One way of raising more awareness about this issue in a non-threatening way is through art and drama. That ...

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New push to stop children ‘chroming’

Queensland health officials are expected to meet with consumer goods giant Unilever and retailers in an attempt to put an end to children and teens who inhale dangerous household chemicals to get high. Almost a hundred Queensland children, many of ...

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Leadership in Education part 3: Dr Susan Long

Dr Susan Long has taught in various roles, states and even countries since the 1980s. Her PhD focused on maths and science education and she is passionate about inspiring people who don’t necessarily aspire to become leaders in schools to ...

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Ban for teacher caught drunk, asleep in class

A female teacher who fell asleep in a drunken stupor in a Year 2 classroom and failed to notice a student being punched has been suspended from teaching in Queensland. In 2016, the teacher took Valium before a Year 2 ...

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