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‘Teach Tok’: when teachers become social media influencers

More teachers in Australia are joining social media platforms like TikTok to share their day-to-day lives in the classrooms and connect online with their students.

This new phenomenon is called 'Teach Tok'.

According to Curtin University Professor of the School of Media, Creative Arts and Social Inquiry, Crystal Abidin 'Teach Tok' is the "cheeky coinage to describe the subculture of teachers teaching and having conversations about teaching on TikTok."

In a recent study, Professor Abidin analysed the impact of teachers on TikTok and found that since the pandemic, more aspiring and retired teachers have branched into the influencer industry.

"As the beginning of the pandemic, teachers were on Teach Tok to remain connected with their students and that helped them better understand young people," Professor Abidin told Education Review.

"Now teachers share the rhythm of their days; some share stereotypes about the students they encounter in their classroom, while others are being very transparent about wellbeing and the challenges happening in the job."

She said while teachers can make a difference on TikTok, educators need to be aware that social media have increased the need to be continuously accessible to students and parents.

Professor Abidin joined Education Review to discuss the rise of Teach Tok and how social media influences Australian classrooms.

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