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Teaching through play with Nüdel Karts: podcast

Children can further develop their literacy and numeracy skills, social capabilities and creative thinking abilities through playtime, a playground expert has said. 

Marcus Veerman, founder and CEO of Nüdel Kart, a deconstructable and mobile play carts concept based on 'loose parts play', said loose play can help children develop their skills through self-directed learning.

He said students playing with Nüdel Kart can develop their skills across the school curriculum without feeling like studying. 

"It all goes back to the open-ended nature of Nüdel Kart; all curriculum areas are easily teachable using the kart pieces," Mr Veerman told Education Review.

"Teachers can use the pieces to teach numeracy, divisions, multiplications, STEM or simply have the kids write a script for a play and develop their literacy."

A recent independent study by Bond University found that kids using Nüdel Karts without direct instructions increased their personal and social capability and critical and creative thinking capability demonstrating all of the 28 sub-points listed in the Australian curriculum. 

"It's a powerful tool, sort of a teacher's best friend to teach all sorts of things."

Mr Veerman joined Education Review to discuss how Nüdel Karts can help teachers implement the school curriculum. 

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