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MySchool 2018 reveals most-improved schools

Today, ACARA cautiously released newly user-friendly 2018 MySchool data, revealing, among other things, individual schools’ 2017 NAPLAN performances. “We know that schools are more than just their NAPLAN results. However, literacy and numeracy are the fundamental skills all our children ...

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One in three principals now experience violence

Australian principals are burnt out and embroiled in conflict, yet somehow still love their jobs. This was revealed in the Institute for Positive Psychology and Education’s seventh annual Australian Principals Health and Wellbeing Survey Report, released today. To date, around half of all principals ...

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Later, ATAR? Exploring a rising qualification competitor

Today’s school students likely don’t have any living relatives who survived World War Two. If they’re undertaking the International Baccalaureate (IB), however, they may do well to know its postwar origins. In 1948, Marie-Thérèse Maurette, a French educator, was stationed in ...

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Eight-year-olds ‘making pornography’: #esafety17

‘Australia’s foremost cyber safety expert’ Susan McLean has some news: the average age at which an Australian child first views pornography is now eight. Disturbing? Yes. Truthful? No. The statistic is “definitely not” supported by research, an academic expert in the ...

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