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Risk assessment has its rewards

Schools should routinely examine and re-examine where they are vulnerable to crime and dangerous incidents. “Identifying crime risks is a science and, to some extent, an art.” That’s the message from Leon Harris from Harris Crime Prevention Services, speaking at ...

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Wide web of cyber-safety

Network of law enforcement agencies and data firms spins online security program for educational institutions. A new project for internet safety in school communities has launched. ThinkUKnow is a free cyber-safety program that can deliver presentations to school staff, parents ...

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The privacy minefield

Protecting students’ information has become an incredibly complex task; breaking data into categories and using common sense can help simplify things. Towards the end of her presentation at Education Review's recent 2016 ProtectEd conference in Sydney, Anna Johnston from Salinger ...

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Bomb threat stress test

Scares at schools around the world have all been hoaxes so far, but they still wreak havoc on everyone in the community. It's the kind of chilling phone call that school administrators dread, and one that leaves them with little ...

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