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Skin a potential student stress detector

Human skin is a multi-tasker. Obviously it contains our internal organs, but it also wards off bacteria, moisture and the sun; regulates temperature; produces hormones; stores bodily substances; and indicates medical conditions. Now, it can potentially add another role to its arsenal: ...

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Helping girls feel safe on the streets at night

Despite movements like Reclaim the Night, which began in Leeds in 1977, women's night-time safety remains an issue. In Australia, the recent high-profile murders of Aiia Maasarwe, Eurydice Dixon and Jill Meagher in Melbourne illustrate that, as do the responses to a ...

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Idea of orchid and dandelion children regerminates

In Swedish, orkidebarn means 'orchid child'. It refers to those who are more sensitive. Maskrosbarn, 'dandelion child', on the other hand, means the opposite. Like their namesake bloom, these children are hardy. Dr Thomas Boyce, an emeritus professor of pediatrics and psychiatry at ...

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