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Smart schoolkids more likely to smoke cannabis


Bright children are more likely to drink and smoke cannabis in their teenage years, a new study has found. High academic achievement at the age of 11 has been linked to a lower risk of smoking in adolescence but smarter ...

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Teachers renew I Give a Gonski campaign


Teachers are going to step up pressure on the federal government as it finalises a new school funding deal with the states and territories. The Australian Education Union is using the success stories of 24 schools around the country to ...

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Muslim students decline to shake hands


A government boys’ school in Sydney’s south has ruled Muslim students can place their hand on their chest instead of shaking hands when accepting awards. The “agreed protocol” was established at Hurstville Boys’ Campus of Georges River College in Sydney’s ...

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Federal Labor to consider rich schools funding


Labor leader Bill Shorten has committed the opposition to working with the federal government to limit commonwealth funding for rich private schools. “I don’t want to make private versus public some sort of partisan or party-political issue,” he said. However, ...

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Indigenous report card to be handed down

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Two former prime ministers have weighed in with advice for current PM Malcolm Turnbull, on the eve of the annual report card to parliament on efforts to improve the plight of Indigenous Australians. Turnbull will hand down Close the Gap ...

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Teen HPV immunisation needs to be prioritised


Parents must ensure their teenagers get fully vaccinated against the human papillomavirus (HPV), the chairman of the Immunisation Coalition says. Despite the efficacy of the HPV vaccine school program it “is not meeting its targets” because a number of parents ...

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