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Bush kindy’s therapeutic, Japanese roots

Tree-time with kids may be good for all kinds of development, including physical stamina, gross motor skills and risk-management skills. But it also has lesser-known benefits for children and adults alike. These are captured in what the Japanese call shinrin-yoku, ...

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Teaching becoming an out-of-field workforce, experts warn

Thousands of teachers worldwide educate students in areas outside of their expertise – and this isn’t just limited to subject knowledge. As the Australian Catholic University’s Dr Anna Du Plessis outlines in her book, Out-of-Field Teaching Practices: What Educational Leaders Need ...

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Tasmania ditches Safe Schools

Tasmania will cut the Safe Schools program after federal funding expires, being the second state to do so in a week, following the lead of New South Wales. Federal funding for the anti-bullying and education initiative expires at the end of ...

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States struggling to compute NAPLAN digitisation

The national digitisation of NAPLAN isn’t being processed smoothly by the states and territories. Queensland is the latest state to pull out of the NAPLAN online testing trial. The sunshine state education minister Kate Jones made this announcement on 7 ...

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