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Don Bradman may now help students learn maths

How did Donald Bradman achieve a cricket batting average of 99.94? That’s a question school students may be answering with Bradman by the Numbers, a new addition to Cricket Australia’s free teaching resource, Cricket Smart. Aligned to the Australian Curriculum ...

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Australia’s teachers can learn from Nauru

While teaching the teachers of Nauru, associate professor Pep Serow has learnt one thing – Australian teachers could do far more with the resources they have. Serow, along with professor Neil Taylor, leads the University of New England’s Nauru Teacher Education Project, which ...

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From aspiring hairdresser to student engineer

After high school, Nisha Pradhan wanted to be a hairdresser. Her male high school careers adviser thought that “was a great idea”. But when Pradhan, now a University of New South Wales fourth-year electrical engineering and commerce student, told her ...

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High school students Plan for the Planet

Who is more qualified to tackle climate change, politicians or high school students? The answer may depend on the elected official in question. But the Australian National University's Ian Chambers, a senior researcher at the Crawford School of Public Policy, ...

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