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UQ scientists help inspire school science teachers

A University of Queensland workshop has helped regional teachers from 15 regional Queensland high schools become better at teaching science by linking them with university researchers. These teachers took part in a week-long research program in which they worked with ...

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My First Speech contest puts winners before Parliament

A suite of well-publicised maiden speeches was just delivered in federal Parliament. Now, our nation’s politicians will sit through another round – this time from high-schoolers. The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Tony Smith, has called on secondary school students ...

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USYD professor says he’s debunked Safe Schools Coalition

A University of Sydney child protection and family law expert claimed he's debunked “academically irresponsible” assertions about sexual identity and LGBTI students made by the Safe Schools Coalition. Professor Patrick Parkinson has published a non-peer reviewed paper criticising the Safe Schools Coalition, on the ...

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