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Could exams be as stressful as bear attacks?

What’s more stressful, end-of-year exams or a bear attack? Common sense would suggest the latter, but one educational expert has said some students find exams so nerve-racking that the stress response triggered in a test setting is similar to that ...

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Schools must listen to children who report abuse: commissioner

No matter how rare child sexual abuse may be, an appropriate response is urgently needed when it does occur, one member of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse has stated. Commissioner Helen Milroy, a West Australian psychiatrist for children and adolescents, said: ...

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Teaching Awards feature $45,000 prize packs

A new survey commissioned by Schools Plus and the Commonwealth Bank has revealed many Australians will probably choose their career based on the subjects their favourite teachers taught. Almost half (49 per cent) said their favourite teacher inspired their career. Concurrent to ...

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