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Background music

WA school brings engagement to a fever pitch through academy that connects students with their Indigenous heritage via song and dance. The universal language of music connects kids with their culture and identity – and as a bonus it makes ...

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Foreign language study in decline

The number of students learning a second language is in decline, with a shortage of qualified teachers and the high cost of offering languages at university partly to blame, professor Jane Simpson says. Simpson is deputy director of the ARC Centre ...

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Schools must make a place for Hindi, expert says

Strengthening Australia’s long-term relationship with India depends partly on the investment schools make in teaching students Hindi. Recognising this, the Australian National University South Asia Research Institute is holding a workshop on Friday to help develop a national structure for building ...

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Lecturer says more schools should teach Hindi

A senior Australian academic has called for increased teaching of Hindi in schools to strengthen the nation's relationship with India. In a statement issued ahead of a workshop for language specialists at the Australian National University on Friday, South Asia Research Institute senior ...

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High-schoolers learn about future jobs in biofuels

Queensland’s top science students engaged in a week-long challenge to learn about the biofuels industry in order to support future jobs. Sixteen students joined the Queensland University of Technology’s Process Engineering Challenge at QUT’s Mackay Renewable Biocommodities Pilot Plant in late June. The ...

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Teach computer science, coding young

Teaching young kids computer science and coding is a good idea, argues a Charles Sturt University (CSU) expert, who says primary-aged children take to digital technology at a relatively fast rate. Jason Howarth, course director at the CSU school of ...

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