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‘War’ looms between STEM subjects: expert

An expert has warned of a discipline war among the STEM subjects, with engineering coming out on the bottom. STEM is the oft-used acronym for science, technology, engineering and mathematics, the focus of politicians and educators who are trying to lift ...

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Tips for helping school refusers get back to class

For up to 5 per cent of students, just thinking about going to school can lead to panic attacks, headaches and stomach pains. Most of these kids are frequently absent from school, often with parental consent. The students have an emotional disorder that mental ...

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Experts step up to debunk family violence myths

Experts at the Australian National University have developed a new, free booklet to help teachers assist students who may be victims of family violence. Stepping Up for Kids from ANU’s Australian Child and Adolescent Trauma, Loss and Grief Network is ...

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NASA Space School shows off STEM careers

For science educators Jeremy von Einem, of Sydney’s Barker College, and Rob Marr, of John Paul College near Brisbane, the rare opportunity to escort their students on a trip to NASA facilities in the US was too good to pass up. ...

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Teacher pay change could hurt women most

Taking time off could become a reluctant mea culpa for many experienced public school teachers, under new salary conditions the NSW Department of Education has outlined. In a move that the NSW Teachers Federation has decried as an attack on women’s pay ...

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Classroom shift: positioning students as creators

An alternate approach to the traditional classroom teaching model has been working its way into Australian schools, enhancing the way students learn and discover. Known as project-based learning, it positions students as creators and authoritarians rather than just content consumers, ...

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