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EduTECH 2019: Britannica’s exciting new era

Many of us have fond memories of poring over an Encyclopedia Britannica in high school, knowing it was both an easily digestible and trusted source of knowledge.

Not much has changed in that sense, and 250 years later Britannica is still at the forefront of learning resources for the school, library and higher education sectors. According to senior vice president of global sales Matthew Krise, what sets Britannica apart from its competitors is "the amount of time [they've] being doing this", with the company being one of the first to move into the digital sphere some 25 years ago.

Matthew Krise spoke to us at this year's EduTECH conference about the company's legacy as well as its new digital storytelling tool – LumieLabs – that enables students to access up to four million video clips to create their own engaging and creative content.

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  1. Great to hear the history and growth of Britanica as well as their willingness to embrace the desire and demand for digital content!

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