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A popular classroom app’s ‘disturbing implications’

There's nothing sinister about cute monster avatars, right? Wrong, say University of South Australia researchers. They evaluated the cartoon critter-laden classroom app, ClassDojo, and reached a worrisome conclusion, namely, that it 'promotes controlling techniques of discipline and governance, rather than ...

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Does every student succeed in your school?

Schools and districts around the world strive for a common goal: ensuring every child receives the quality education he or she deserves. Solution Tree Australia shares this goal and wants to help you make it a reality. Professional Learning that ...

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Overheard at EduTECH 2018

On individualised learning How can we cater for individual difference [between students]? It has been the problem for forever. The government is now saying this is an economic problem. I'm really excited by that. - Daniel Wolf-Clark, chief executive, myEdOnline (part ...

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The upside of confusion

"I think a lot of people just assume confusion is absolutely a bad thing as a part of a learning process." "Huh?," one might reply to Associate Professor at the University of Queensland, Jason Lodge. Along with his colleagues at his ...

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