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Opinion: How to keep your smart school safe

Smart schools are getting smarter, finding new ways to use emerging technology to enhance the teaching and learning experience. This includes technology such as the Internet of Things (IoT), interactive smart boards, wearable devices, eBooks and tablets, collaborative classrooms, smart ...

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Teaching the teachers for the digital age

It wasn’t long ago that schools were still using blackboards. Data projectors, whiteboards and interactive whiteboards have all been developed since. Laptops and tablets are just another step along. The recent technology bans in a handful of Sydney schools appear to ...

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‘Sound Storm’ game helps kids fight hearing issue

Some parents may now want their kids playing more video games. Well one game anyway. The federally funded National Acoustics Laboratory (NAL) has developed "Sound Storm", a game app that it says improves the listening ability of children with spatial processing disorder. ...

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Opinion: Classrooms that learn about students

The internet of things will add detail and flexibility to personalised learning. By Mark Verbloot The classroom of the future is here. It’s a learning space that enables a personalised educational experience, relying on technology to motivate and engage students ...

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Get student data visualised, for easy analysis

Schoolworx is a student administration program for primary and high schools that enables administrators to visualise the performance, attendance and discipline of students and cohorts. It's a web-based program that centralises data for access on desktop and mobile devices. Modules include ...

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