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Innovation you can afford

An environment that fosters creative thinking and student success doesn’t have to cost a fortune; sometimes all that’s necessary is a fresh coat of paint. Innovation can come at a cost. Learning spaces designed in accordance with the latest workplace ...

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Internet bullies anti-cyberbullying tool

If social media is in any position to judge, Headspace’s online anti-cyberbullying tool, named reword, complete with strikethrough, is Orwellian. But Chris Tanti, Headspace chief executive, says this isn’t so and school kids who use the tool don’t feel this way. Similar ...

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Lego releases WeDo 2.0 STEM projects kit

Lego. Great to play with, a real pain when stepped on. Teachers may have to take more care underfoot, as these little plastic building blocks have been combined with a software system to teach kids more about robots. Lego Education has ...

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Code Club Australia races to milestone 500th class

The national movement to improve STEM education has pushed the not-for-profit Code Club Australia to the opening of its 500th class. That marks 200 classes since the end of last year. The milestone class happened this month at Sydney’s Glebe Library. The Code Club gives ...

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Inbound marketing’s potential impact

Education is big business. It’s Australia’s fourth-largest export earner and employs 8 per cent of the workforce. And the rise of the digital economy is pushing things along. Last year, Open Universities Australia celebrated 1 million enrolments, with 36 per ...

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