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Anna Johnston will provide an introduction to your legal responsibilities to protect the privacy of both your students and staff. Whether your school is public or private, leading privacy consultant and trainer Johnston, Director of Salinger Privacy, will guide you ...

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With increased focus on schools' duty of care to students and parents, now is the time for schools to demonstrate that good information governance is an ongoing priority. Students and their parents must know precisely how their personal information is ...

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Open-ended apps best for tablets, teacher says

If tablet technology is going to be used in the classroom, open-ended apps should be employed, to prevent tablets from becoming “21st century shut-up sheets”, one teacher has advised. Grant Jones, a technology teacher at St Marys Public School in Sydney’s ...

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Nature Research simplifies science on new website

Nature Research, the publishing group behind the prestigious scientific journal Nature, has launched a website to make complex science accessible to the general public.  The npj Science of Learning Community website was launched in collaboration with the University of Queensland. It aims to make ...

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Keep IT simple in schools

Keep It Simple Stupid. That’s one business leader's tech advice to schools. Nick Stanley, managing director of Tribal Group Asia Pacific, said it’s common for schools to try and implement a grand digital vision, without getting the basics right. Tribal Group is ...

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