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Sydney students talk tech with Microsoft boss

Technology products are permeating today’s classrooms, and a group of students got to meet one of the brains behind it all. Two classes of students from Sydney Secondary College Leichhardt Campus met with Microsoft chief executive Satya Nadella to showcase ...

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Mathspace expands into primary schools and US

Mathspace, an Australian educational technology startup that provides software, has announced a two-pronged expansion into local primary schools and the US. Mathspace secured a deal with multinational publisher Pearson Education to launch the company's software for an estimated 9 million students in the ...

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How schools can ace the bring-your-own-device test

The integration of information and computer technology in the education sector has redefined the way students learn. From donations and investment in computers, to learning the basics of IT, virtual field trips, collaborative lessons and online assessments, technology is permeating every ...

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A quick look at the new child screen-time rules

Where America goes, Australia often follows. This has certainly been the case with guidelines for child screen time. So, Australia, take heed: the American standards, provided by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), have just been revised for the first time ...

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Kids gone viral: perks, perils and social media policy

Emoticon. Webinar. Sexting. Digital technology is no stranger to wacky portmanteaus. A recent one is ‘sharenting’, which is the practice of parents or caregivers posting pictures of children to social media. This once-carefree activity, which acting Children’s eSafety Commissioner Andree Wright describes ...

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