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Does every student succeed in your school?

Schools and districts around the world strive for a common goal: ensuring every child receives the quality education he or she deserves. Solution Tree Australia shares this goal and wants to help you make it a reality. Professional Learning that ...

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Overheard at EduTECH 2018

On individualised learning How can we cater for individual difference [between students]? It has been the problem for forever. The government is now saying this is an economic problem. I'm really excited by that. - Daniel Wolf-Clark, chief executive, myEdOnline (part ...

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The upside of confusion

"I think a lot of people just assume confusion is absolutely a bad thing as a part of a learning process." "Huh?," one might reply to Associate Professor at the University of Queensland, Jason Lodge. Along with his colleagues at his ...

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Teachers experience virtual reality

More than 300 teachers are expected to flock to an event today which will showcase how new technology can transform the classroom. A Department of Education initiative, InteractEd will be hosted by the University of Newcastle to support the effective ...

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New technology transforms learning

Students at Coomera Anglican College are visiting Egypt in the morning, Antarctica at lunch, and Mars in the afternoon, thanks to the opening of its newest facility, The Pod, this week. The futuristic facility was designed to "take learning out of ...

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