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Students experiencing virtual reality at Gleeson College. Picture: Supplied

Enhancing teaching with virtual reality: podcast

Two years ago Gleeson College in South Australia made the decision to include virtual reality in its classrooms. Now, the tool is an everyday part of students' lives and is used in multiple classes such as PE, languages, art and modern history.

According to Science & STEM Coordinator at Gleeson College Melissa O'Loughlin, the use of virtual reality in the classroom helps students better engage with the subject, and amplify their 'lived' experiences and emotional knowledge.

"What they're gaining theoretically, they can actually feel it for themselves. What they see and what they feel is connected more strongly by using virtual reality," O'Loughlin told Education Review.

"For teachers, it's really not a hard system to learn; it is more of a big jump theoretically than it is practically. All they need is the confidence to get started."

O'Loughlin joined Education Review to discuss the experience of Gleeson College with VR , the associated cost with the technology and how other schools can implement the use of virtual devices in their classroom.

If you'd like to learn more about virtual reality, O'Loughlin will be presenting on the subject next week as part of the Edutech symposium which will be held in Melbourne on August 10 and 11. 

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