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Engaging with students in the era of screens

The last few years have been a testament to the education industry’s ability to innovate and transform. Across the nation, we have witnessed a significant shift in how classroom materials are being dynamically delivered to students – aligned with a rapid acceleration when it comes to digital adoption and innovation. 

The success of such endeavours has traditionally been measured by said institutions’ ability to deliver classroom materials seamlessly and efficiently. However, as we continue to navigate this new era of learning, success will ultimately be characterised by our ability to engage with students whilst instilling a greater sense of collaboration and connectivity. 

Such skills are more important than ever before, especially when it comes to ensuring students are equipped for the future workforce. Businesses all over have started to realise the importance of fostering a sense of belonging and keeping their teams connected in a hybrid workplace – highlighting an opportunity for schools to encourage these skills and practices from an earlier age. 

The challenges facing our schools and other educational institutions are multi-faceted and can be quite daunting when considered in isolation, but the good news is that innovative technologies are providing tools and solutions which can enable pupils to be perpetually engaged and constantly learning from one another. 

Rethinking the classroom paradigm

The transition from remote learning to classroom learning has changed how students may interact with their teachers and with one another, making it important that classrooms are furnished with the right tools that suit an array of learning styles. 

For example, students are engaging with screens more than ever before whilst some of the younger students may have spent most of their educational journey in a remote setting. This will impact how they interact with content and their peers, so it is imperative that teachers have solutions that are equally flexible and engaging. 

The Samsung Flip Pro Interactive Display was designed with flexibility and collaborative learning in mind and can deliver eye-catching content in the classroom. A key benefit of the Samsung Flip is that little to no training is required to get started. 

Teachers will be able to create, present, or share content from any source – with the ability to draw or annotate over it with a smooth pen-to-paper writing experience. with multi-writing functionality supported for up to 20 users, everyone can collaborate and join in. 

Designed for Safety and Connectivity

Safety is an ever-critical consideration when implementing any type of technology in a school, and the Samsung Flip Pro is no exception. The screen is wrapped with a proprietary shatter protection film which helps the screen will stay intact in the event of an accident. 

Hygiene is also a key priority in a post-COVID world. Samsung Flip comes with an antimicrobial coating* giving that extra peace of mind for teachers and parents alike. 

The Samsung Flip Pro has a myriad of connectivity options, including AirPlay 2, which means that users  can connect to devices  across Apple, Android and Windows 10**. The device also now has a built-in Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) slot*** which makes it easy for teachers to seamlessly connect to school information systems such as for lesson plans. 

Features like this make it a lot simpler for teachers to add multimedia content onto their lesson plans and presentations, allowing them to share documents from their personal devices to the Samsung Flip Pro for enhanced engagement and sharing. 

Video call functionality has also been seamlessly integrated, with video conferencing through applications such as Google Duo**** allowing teachers and students to collaborate easily and efficiently.

The implementation and adoption of technological solutions can seem to be an overwhelming process, but Samsung is here to help. The Samsung Flip Pro is an intuitive and interactive solution that empowers teachers with the ability to connect and engage with their students in a meaningful way whilst encouraging collaborative learning opportunities that will benefit students and teachers alike. 

Interested in finding out more? Explore how you can level up your classroom today here at: https://www.samsung.com/au/business/smart-signage/samsung-flip/

*To perform its antibacterial function, this product has been treated with the biocidal substance Silver phosphate glass. Antibacterial property does not protect users against bacteria and provides no protection against viruses including Covid-19. Antimicrobial Coating is on surface of screen only and the effect may vary depending on conditions of use. Antibacterial certification: UL2282 which is granted when the antibacterial effectiveness is more than 99%.(Test method(JIS Z 2801): after inoculation of 0.4cc of liquid with bacteria(Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus) on specimen(5cm x 5cm), a sterilized film(4cm x 4cm) is adhered and left in a thermo-hygrostat with a relative humidity of 90% or more at 35°C for 24 hours, and then the efficiency of killing of the bacteria is measured / Test agency: KOTITI Testing & Research Institute)

** Compatible devices only

*** OPS module sold separately

**** Applicable to Flip Pro WMB Interactive Display. Google Duo compatibility available from Q2. Images & on-screen contents are simulated and for illustration purpose only. Webcam is sold separately. Supported webcam(9 models) : Logitech C930e, C922, C922x, C925E, C920s, C920, C920-C, C930C, Logitech Stream Cam

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