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Web of intrigue

He has been working to develop the literacies, core skills and strategies needed to deal with the internet, network media and network communications. Wall-Smith and his colleagues have been exploring how web 2.0 tools can be harnessed by educators. “At ...

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Put to the test

Within the first few days of being issued with governmentsponsored laptops, NSW schoolchildren were muttering darkly about the fact that while lessons would be online, their exams would not. University students meanwhile report of having to visit physiotherapists after the ...

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Embrace the revolution

Traditional approaches to teaching practice remain largely unchanged, with a new report claiming just a third of teachers use technology effectively in their teaching practice. ‘Teacher professional learning: planning for change’ from education.au, the government body that promotes IT use ...

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Technologies to watch out for

Since 2002, a US group called the New Media Consortium has published its predictions for the most significant emerging technologies likely to have an impact on teaching, learning or creative inquiry. Called the Horizon Reports, this fascinating publication identifies the ...

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Real experience in an unreal world

Alert to the opportunities offered by virtual environments, education has been one of the fastest sectors to embrace the concept, with hundreds of universities and schools either setting up their own islands in Second Life, or delivering course content in ...

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