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Technologies to watch out for

Since 2002, a US group called the New Media Consortium has published its predictions for the most significant emerging technologies likely to have an impact on teaching, learning or creative inquiry. Called the Horizon Reports, this fascinating publication identifies the ...

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Real experience in an unreal world

Alert to the opportunities offered by virtual environments, education has been one of the fastest sectors to embrace the concept, with hundreds of universities and schools either setting up their own islands in Second Life, or delivering course content in ...

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The silver lining

Australian schools need to quickly get to grips with mobile internet devices and cloud computing. The 2009 Australia New Zealand edition of the Horizon Report, produced by a US group called the New Media Consortium, has identified the six key ...

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Building a bubble

Six months ago, Hallam Senior College in Victoria was struck by a computer virus which found its way into the school network on a USB stick. A student who had downloaded a copy of Limewire from the internet had also ...

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Keen for green

Some 295,000 personal computers will be bought through the National Secondary School Computer Fund – a key plank of the government’s $2.2 billion digital education revolution. That’s a lot of new computers which are to be manufactured, packaged, transported to ...

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