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Gonski report branded ‘quite radical in parts’

Gonski has once again hit the headlines. This time, however, a school funding aggregate focus has been sidelined to debate how the money should be spent. This is due to the release of the businessman and education advocate’s government commissioned report on ...

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Sector reacts to Chief Scientist’s ATAR critique

Australia’s Chief Scientist, Alan Finkel, has an ATAR-related grievance. “Students select their courses with an eye to a number: the ATAR to enter a particular course,” he wrote in his introduction to the STEM Industry-Schools Partnerships report. “Rightly or wrongly, ...

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Parents defy expert backlash with pro-NAPLAN statement

While certain experts think NAPLAN bizarre, parents and teachers, plausibly with more skin in the testing game, vociferously support it. Officeholders from the Australian Council of State School Organisations (ACSSO), the Australian Parents Council (APC), and the Isolated Children’s Parents’ Association of ...

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New research reignites class streaming debate

The lower-attaining the student, the worse the effect streaming has on them, new research has found. Published in the Cambridge Journal of Education, a study found that streaming creates a ‘culture of dependency’ in ‘lower’ classes, which inhibits students’ learning. Using data ...

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One standardised test doesn’t fit all: ACER CEO

Ever wonder why our children’s NAPLAN scores are stagnating, and in some cases, declining? Geoff Masters did, and now has an explanatory hypothesis. The chief executive of the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) thinks the tests themselves could be ...

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