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An alt-take on Morrison’s school funding announcement

Sector politics has long plagued school funding. But with the federal government’s announcement of an extra $4.571 billion for independent schools, partisan outrage has peaked. There’s even intra-party vexation. (Liberal) NSW Education Minster Rob Stokes told ABC Radio Sydney that it’s “not fair” ...

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At an OECD glance, we’re an education mélange

The title of the ‘Australia’ section of the OECD’s latest annual, education-centric report could be ‘nevertheless’. This is because most negatives seemed to be counterbalanced with positives. For example, Education at a Glance 2018 revealed that while our university fees are relatively high, ...

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Education, customised to your genome, is coming

Personalised learning in schools is all the Gonksi-fueled rage, but what it if meant more than individualised learning plans and assessments? What if it meant mapping curricula to students’ genomes? This may sound like the plot of a sci-fi film; ...

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