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Build the best educators

  Our national prosperity depends upon educational approaches that will help create elite teachers and school leaders. By Margery Evans What kind of country do we want Australia to be? That’s a worthwhile but broad question, so let’s be more ...

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Opinion: A boon abroad

Working in the UK is a good foundation for other quality international opportunities. I’m 29 years old and a primary teacher. I left Canberra in 2012 for my ambitions – to have an international work experience and to live in ...

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Schools among fastest-growing industries

IBISWorld has predicted that schooling will be one of the fastest-growing industries over the next five years, although revenue in private schools won’t grow quite as quickly as in their public cousins. Australian Bureau of Statistic figures show 2.4 million Australian ...

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Immigrants at Australian schools top OECD averages

While one-fifth of Australian immigrant children feel alienated at their school, an Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development report has found that the situation is even worse in France and Belgium. Helping Immigrant Students to Succeed at School shows 3 ...

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Here’s what makes parents homeschool

  The trend towards homeschooling will continue as long as the formal education system remains inadequate and out of date. By David Roy Homeschooling is on the increase in Australia, and in other developed countries where it is legal. Should ...

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