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‘No pay no jab’ review urged

A plan to cut childcare benefits from parents who don't immunise their children should be reviewed after a year, a parliamentary committee has recommended. A Senate inquiry report on Wednesday says concerns the `no jab, no pay' legislation could infringe ...

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Qld Catholic teachers stop work again

The Queensland Catholic Education Commission has criticised the latest stop work action by teachers in many Queensland Catholic schools as industrial negotiations over pay and conditions continues. More than 7500 Independent Education Union members in more than 180 schools were authorised to stop work ...

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Australian students need Asian studies: expert

Studying the languages and cultures of Australia’s neighbours must become an education priority, an expert has said. Dr Jane Orton, from the University of Melbourne Graduate School of Education said Australian students – throughout the whole spectrum of education – ...

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Calls for national effort to protect autistic students

While recent stories of kids with autism being detained by their teachers have hit the media spotlight, many similar incidents may be occurring without scrutiny, an official has said. Autism Awareness Australia chief executive Nicole Rogerson said the fragmented nature of the ...

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Women, Indigenous youth missing out: report

A quarter of Australians in their mid-20s are not engaged in full-time work, training or study – a report from the Mitchell Institute has shown. Equal opportunity in Australia 2015 examined young people’s progress through four key educational milestones, from ...

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Creative writing rounds out education: professor

Creative writing is undervalued in schools, a professor of teacher education at the University of Sydney has said. Professor Robyn Ewing said the implementation of high-stakes standardised testing throughout schools, such as NAPLAN, has led to storytelling and creative writing not being ...

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