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Opinion: Educating for high performance

It could be said that school education’s equivalent to the Olympics is the OECD’s Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA). While Australia’s performance on the world’s sporting stage guarantees passionate discussion, our international performance in education doesn’t share quite the ...

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Early-learning groups say they know why NAPLAN flatlined

It’s turned out to be a bad investment: “record” government school funding hasn’t yielded concordantly higher numeracy and literacy results, as NAPLAN 2016 revealed last week. This year, reading and numeracy increased by minuscule increments in NAPLAN testing, whilst writing ...

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Millions for Victorian kids’ mental health

For troubled kids in Victoria, the state’s minister for mental health has offered some monetary respite. Martin Foley has announced a $14 million upgrade to children’s health services in the state, including an integration of the Early in Life Mental ...

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Single-sex schools may pay off better than priciest education

An analysis of Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority data shows that the priciest private schools don’t necessarily produce students with better academic results than ones that cost less, and that putting kids in single-sex schools makes more of a difference. The Good Education Group (GEG), a private ...

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Teacher pay change could hurt women most

Taking time off could become a reluctant mea culpa for many experienced public school teachers, under new salary conditions the NSW Department of Education has outlined. In a move that the NSW Teachers Federation has decried as an attack on women’s pay ...

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Labor pledges $6m commitment to Safe Schools

A Labor government would commit to financing the Safe Schools Coalition by allocating an additional $6 million to the program, in contrast to the government’s decision to cut off the scheme’s funding when its current budget allocation expires next year. A ...

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