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‘People without jobs, jobs without people’

Rhetoric around youth unemployment must change, an expert has argued. Australian Bureau of Statistics figures rest youth unemployment at 12.44 per cent, although it declined in the last quarter. Debate on the issue has centred on the notion of a skills gap – education ...

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Computer-based tests hinder disadvantaged: research

United States government research has raised concerns that computer writing tests could disadvantage students from low socioeconomic backgrounds. A study published in December by the US Department of Education’s National Centre for Education Statistics, found conducting computer-based persuasive writing tests “appeared to widen ...

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VU’s Dawkins challenges ATAR’s relevance

A vice-chancellor has downplayed the relevance of the ATAR as a measure of potential student success – especially when it comes to teaching degrees. Professor Peter Dawkins, of Victoria University, argued that ATARs are often meaningless when measuring a student’s potential in university. ...

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Literacy, numeracy getting businesses down

Poor literacy and numeracy skills are plaguing Australian employers to the point where it is affecting businesses, a report has revealed. International research has found nearly half of Australians, 44 per cent, have literacy skills below a level considered to ...

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Maths contractor touts for-profit model

For-profit is the best model for educational enterprises to thrive, survive and teach – the co-founder of Maths Pathway has said. Maths Pathway, established by former teachers Richard Wilson and Justin Matthys, contracts with schools to develop mathematics learning models. It has delivered models ...

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