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An alt-take on Morrison’s school funding announcement

Sector politics has long plagued school funding. But with the federal government’s announcement of an extra $4.571 billion for independent schools, partisan outrage has peaked. There’s even intra-party vexation. (Liberal) NSW Education Minster Rob Stokes told ABC Radio Sydney that it’s “not fair” ...

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At an OECD glance, we’re an education mélange

The title of the ‘Australia’ section of the OECD’s latest annual, education-centric report could be ‘nevertheless’. This is because most negatives seemed to be counterbalanced with positives. For example, Education at a Glance 2018 revealed that while our university fees are relatively high, ...

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Education, customised to your genome, is coming

Personalised learning in schools is all the Gonksi-fueled rage, but what it if meant more than individualised learning plans and assessments? What if it meant mapping curricula to students’ genomes? This may sound like the plot of a sci-fi film; ...

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‘Not-school’: the future of education?

South Australia allows young people to educationally go with the FLO. FLO (Flexible Learning Option) is an alternative to mainstream schooling. Instead of sitting in classrooms from 9am to 3.30pm, students (often those with mental health, learning or behavioural difficulties) ...

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