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EduTECH 2019: Podcasting to the world

Podcasting is the fastest growing digital content market in the world, with experts believing it will produce over $1 billion in revenue by 2021.  With its perfect blend of entertainment and information, the genre holds huge potential for education and can be richly applied to any learning activity that requires presentation, discussion, interviewing and story-telling.

Podcasts have become so ubiquitous and popular that you can now find one on virtually any topic. They have also spawned fantastic true crime stories such The Australian’s The Teacher’s Pet and the critically acclaimed American investigative journalism series Serial.

Education Review spoke with Ryan Burke, Head of Sales at Rode Microphones, at this year’s EduTECH conference. He says the “rockstars” of today are content producers such as Vloggers and podcasters and all that is needed is a great idea and good equipment. Watch Ryan discuss the podcasting industry and demonstrate Rode Microphone’s new user-friendly podcasting system, the RodeCaster Pro.

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