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Islamic school gets the final funding chop

It seems all their non-legal avenues are exhausted. Adelaide-based Islamic College of South Australia will not receive further funding, an internal review of a government decision has confirmed. Education minister Simon Birmingham said the internal review’s decision, which upheld that ...

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Minecraft goes to school

The world of Minecraft is not flat, nor round. It’s square. Even the cupcakes at the computer game’s promotional stand at EduTECH were square. But, despite their unusual shape, the baked goods weren’t the focus. Rather, teachers’ eyes were glued ...

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Canberra Grammar students augment reality

Schoolkids may be eagerly awaiting the release of Pokémon GO’s new Fire and Ice event but students at Canberra Grammar School are already toying with augmented reality. Unlike Pokémon GO, however, Pearson’s HoloLens is educational and doesn’t require a mobile ...

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USYD alumni seek to inspire, inform girls’ post-school choices

You probably wouldn’t follow your careers advisor on Snapchat, but you might friend ENID Network. Sydney University graduates Nina Khoury (commerce and law) and Adriana Stefanatos (commerce) created the network: an all-female careers advice and networking platform for high school and university students. Instead of content-heavy formats or one-on-one interviews, ...

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Nighttime phone use harms teens’ mental health

We already know mobile phones inhibit sleep. Now, for the first time, researchers have discovered the longterm effects of this reduced sleep on teens: poorer mental health outcomes. In addition, these academics, from Griffith and Murdoch Universities, found kids experience a raft ...

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