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Nominations open for Australia’s best teachers

A new campaign is set to shift the way we view the role of teachers in Australia by highlighting the realities of the profession in 2023.

News Corp Australia – in partnership with ANZ, Teachers Mutual Bank, Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools and Care For Kids – will launch Australia’s Best Teachers series at the end of the month.

Stories of our country’s most inspirational, innovative and talented educators will be shared each Sunday until May, in print and online, to show how the passion and commitment of individuals is transforming education in Australia.

Readers can nominate their favourite teachers using this nomination form.

It comes as Australia faces an unprecedented teaching shortage, declining student performance outcomes and inequalities in access to education.

Daily Telegraph editor Ben English said Australia’s best Teachers will run in conjunction with the company’s Best In Class campaign, aimed at tackling the big issues stifling education reform while helping parents with important data via Schools Hub.

“We’ve lost sight of the critical role teachers play in our society, in educating our children and improving our communities," Mr English said.

“Australia’s Best Teachers is about elevating the status of teachers and the innovative, incredible work they do.

“The campaign is a major commitment from News Corp as we advocate for a world class education system in Australia.”

News Corp Australia’s national editor 360 Commercial, Louise Roberts, said corporate Australia was incredibly supportive of the advocacy initiative.

“Our purpose with this campaign is to inform Australians about the reality of teaching in 2023, inspire them to think differently about the role of teaching in our society and advocate for a better working environment in which teachers can focus on teaching,” Ms Roberts said.

“We want to elevate the status of teaching and that’s a goal our partners share with us.”

The campaign will conclude in May with a special edition of News Corp’s Saturday magazines celebrating Australia’s Best Teachers.

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