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Adam Voigt is a former principal who aims to help schools in Australia build a positive culture. Picture: NewsCorp Australia.

How a strong school culture can free up teachers’ time: podcast

Building a positive school culture can help reduce teacher stress, boost their effectiveness, and give them more time to focus on students, yet grasping the concept and implementing it can be challenging.

According to former school principal and founder and CEO of Real Schools Adam Voigt, school culture is all about creating an environment where good behaviour is encouraged and valued.

“If we can create a place where people are more likely to do things that we can thank them for, rather than have to tick them off for, then our work culturally is done – the aim is to create a place where people are most likely to be successful,” Voigt told Education Review.

He urges schools to make culture a priority as he believes it could help educators save time. 

“Our stakeholders are screaming to be able to get along better, to solve problems more effectively, all while they make progress, and building culture does save and create time.”

Voigt joined Education Review to shed light on school culture, its benefits and how schools can build their own culture. 

He will also be presenting on the topic of school culture next week as part of Corwin's “Making Learning Visible” Conference on 12-13 September 2022 in Sydney (and online).

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