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What’s new in the digital technology curriculum? podcast

The new digital technology curriculum has been "decluttered" to help teachers focus on the essential skills students need. ACARA has also added a new concept: privacy and cyber security.

The revised curriculum aims to focus on the foundation levels to help students understand the technology and the innovation associated with it.

According to Curriculum Specialist in Technologies from ACARA, Kim Vernon, teachers need to understand the core concepts within the curriculum in order to develop their skills and confidence before transferring that knowledge to students.

"Teachers have to keep up with the speed of the digital tools but they can teach the concept of digital technologies without devices at first," Vernon told Education Review.

"Eventually we want start to get those devices into the hands of students, but if they're unsure of how to approach it with digital they can do 'unplugged' activities."

Vernon joined Education Review to discuss the latest changes in the digital curriculum and shares tips on how to implement it in the classroom.

She will also be talking about the digital technology curriculum as well as privacy and cyber security at the upcoming Edutech event on 10-11 August in Melbourne.

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