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Mabel Park maths students. Picture: News Corp Australia

One ‘rich’ maths lesson per month is enough to engage kids: podcast

Students' interest and enrolment in maths subjects has dropped sharply in recent years following a longstanding national decline. 

Yet, reviving students' interest in the topic might be achieved simply by doing one ‘rich maths lesson’ a month which will help students find the relevance of mathematics in their everyday lives. 

“Students don’t need to see the relevance of every single activity, but if you allow them to see the value of maths in everyday life settings, every now and then they start engage better and even ask for more,” Dr Laura Tuohilampi from the University of New South Wales School of Education told Education Review.

“Teachers don’t and shouldn’t change the way they teach maths, we just need to have some balance and from time to time do something different.” 

Tuohilampi joined Education Review to discuss simple and accessible ways teachers can use rich maths exercices to engage students in the subject, without changing their whole lesson plans. 

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