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Champion high-impact teaching strategies in remote learning

As the field of education moves forward, deepening expertise in remote learning will continue to be a priority.

Essentials of Online Instruction for a Blended World  is a new online course from Redwood Learning - a partnership between Hawker Brownlow Education, a Solution Tree company, and the Association of College and University Educators (ACUE) - that delivers evidence-based teaching strategies applicable to remote and blended learning.

Based on the New Art and Science of Teaching framework, the six-part course features insights from top experts, demonstrations by experienced teachers and opportunities for educators to discuss and to deepen their learning with colleagues.

Why educators choose this course:

Grounded in research

Designed specifically for secondary educators, the course is built on the Effective Practice Framework© from the Association of College and University Educators (ACUE) and Dr Robert J Marzano’s New Art and Science of Teaching framework. These evidence-based frameworks are backed by more than five decades of research and they work together to prepare educators to provide student-centred virtual instruction.

Effective teaching in action

This course is thoughtfully designed to model effective remote-teaching practices in action. First, participants learn a specific set of strategies. Next, they are prompted to practise implementing the strategies in their own remote classrooms. Finally, they carefully review and reflect on the learning experience. When it comes to developing a new skill, this unique cycle of learning, practising and reflecting is unmatched.

Trusted expert guidance

Taught by fourteen internationally recognised experts, the course offers deep and meaningful insight from thought leaders who are living this work. Count on them to offer unique points of view and openly share what’s worked for them and why. With their guidance, educators acquire brand new remote-teaching strategies along with practical ways to refine practices already in their toolkits.


The course is based on the research-affirmed New Art and Science of Teaching framework by Dr. Robert J. Marzano

Module overview 

Essentials of Online Instruction for a Blended World is aimed at secondary teachers who want to refine their skills for teaching remotely and is comprised of six modules.

Total professional learning time: 12 weeks, 15 hours

Module 1: Building relationships
Module 2: Maintaining engagement
Module 3: Using procedures
Module 4: Delivering initial lessons
Module 5: Facilitating student practice and application
Module 6: Assessing and providing feedback

Each module includes:

  • an introduction to the area of study
  • insights from internationally recognised experts in F–12 teaching and learning
  • videos of current practitioners modelling best practices in virtual teaching
  • opportunities for participants to select a practice, try it in their classroom, review their progress and reflect on how the practice impacted teaching and student learning
  • a facilitator who provides feedback, manages online discussions and scores reflection assignments
  • planning guides and resources so that teachers can immediately begin using high-impact teaching strategies and best practices in their classrooms
  • opportunities to learn and collaborate with a cohort of peers.


Featured experts



Tina Boogren

Robert Marzano

Paula Maeker

William Ferriter
















About Redwood Learning 

A partnership between Hawker Brownlow Education, a Solution Tree company, and ACUE, Redwood Learning represents both organisations’ ongoing commitment to providing educators with quality, effective training that leads to measurable increases in student learning.

Embedded in intentional learning design, Redwood Learning’s core focus is preparing educators to apply high-impact teaching practices for the benefit of all students. Our web-based course design targets the research-centred competencies and skills that educators need to grow as teaching and learning professionals.

Learn more about the course including FAQs at hbe.com.au/redwood-learning or email [email protected]




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