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You deserve to become an expert

With a master’s degree from Charles Sturt University, you can. Being an expert isn’t just about being smarter or having more qualifications – it’s a state of mind. People become experts because they maintain their curiosity. They’re genuinely fascinated by their field, and voraciously seek out new information.

With the Master of Education (Knowledge Networks and Digital Innovation), you’ll graduate with a set of practical and highly transferable skills in digital curriculum innovation, enhancing your career in education, training or leadership.

Support to discover your inner expert

As one of Australia’s top online educators, Charles Sturt University is adept at helping busy professionals expand their knowledge through online learning. Our courses have the flexibility to fit into your schedule. You’ll have all the support you need and can study on your terms.

You can do it all online

Thanks to online education, you can earn an entire master’s degree from the comfort of your own home. Benefit from the support of your online classmates and tutors, and enjoy working on assignments that you can then incorporate directly into your workplace.

Lori Koridaj studied the Master of Education (Knowledge Networks and Digital Innovation) with Charles Sturt, and loved the online learning space.

“Charles Sturt University and the School of Information Studies have always led the way with online study. There’s ample support and learning materials provided in the Interact space (Charles Sturt’s online learning platform) and, particularly in this degree, help was available via our Facebook page and a short Tweet away!

“It was also a quick and easy way of building an online Professional Learning Network. We were required to keep in touch via Interact, but also via our public blogs, Twitter, Voice Thread, and a number of online tools.”

Study while you work

One of the many benefits of studying while you’re working is being able to change the way you work almost immediately.

“I’m a teacher librarian in Canberra and the great thing about Charles Sturt degrees is that they’re based on practical outcomes. All your assessments, you can take and apply straight to your workplace,” said Lori.

“It wasn’t like it was doubling up or I was doing anything extra, because this is a master’s. You’re extending on your knowledge and pretty much already working in your profession. It was an opportunity to say ‘I’ve got this to do’ and ‘I’ve got this assessment’ and this is how I will apply my learning and achieve outcomes with staff and students at my school.”

Extend your knowledge

When you lift your level of knowledge, it lifts everyone around you. It has a ripple effect.

“This degree has allowed me to extend my knowledge within my own profession, and provide fresh inspiration for the work that I do with staff and students,” said Lori.

“The course was fantastic all the way through and even now while we’re planning for our library, there’s so much of my learning that I’m applying to next year.

“Indeed, the work from my final case study directly related to a new direction our school was taking in regards to student support and engagement, and is ongoing beyond the end of my degree. It’s a reflection on Charles Sturt’s ability to ensure that all assessments can be used practically in the workplace.”

Study at the cutting edge

Experts don’t just study common knowledge, they study the new. It’s something Charles Sturt is passionate about.

“The Master of Education (Knowledge Networks and Digital Innovation) is cutting edge in its field – what one of the lecturers called ‘bleeding edge’!” said Lori.

“It really stretched my professional knowledge and boundaries, and connected me with other educators nationally and internationally. Well respected practitioners in their field were part of our teaching team, making what we were learning valid and exciting.”

Keep moving

Are you ready to start your journey towards expertise? Visit study.csu.edu.au/master-education-networks




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