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Teachers’ HECS debt to be waived: Close the Gap

Despite efforts of successive cabinets, the gap between indigenous and non-indigenous outcomes has yet to be closed. Prime Minister Scott Morrison hopes a new plan will at least reduce it educationally. Unveiled today, it entails waiving the HECS debts of 3,100 ...

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Birmo announces regional education review

Hugh* was born and reared in Morven, southwest Queensland. Population: 300. His family relocated to a slightly larger town, Charleville, when he began high school. From there, he went on to study engineering. Following this, he was employed by a mid-size ...

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Gonski changes can help all students

Many disadvantaged young people are missing out on a good education but by investing in them we raise the standard overall. The announcement by the Prime Minister recently of the government's response to the Gonski review is of immense importance ...

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