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Video games better than TV for kids

Children could be better off playing video games over the school holidays than watching television, a new study shows. Dr Penny Sweetser, Dr Daniel Johnson and Dr Peta Wyeth, from Queensland University of Technology Games Research and Interactive Design (GRID) ...

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Students jet lagged for school start

Start adjusting your child’s sleep schedule now to avoid them feeling jet lagged for the first few weeks of school, sleep experts say. Professor Dorothy Bruck, sleep psychologist, from Victoria University said, “Getting students back into early morning starts for ...

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Move to make indigenous children ‘resilient’

A “strengths-based approach” to school readiness is needed to recognise the knowledge and understanding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children have before they engage in formal learning. The latest report from the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) reviewed the ...

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Less is better for K-6 homework

New research shows homework has little benefit to primary school children and that too much could be a bad thing. The release of a book urging teachers to revaluate how much homework is given to children follows a move in ...

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Building a school brick by brick

An Australian teacher has answered her father-in-law's special request and helped build St Jude's in Tanzania, which now teaches 1500 students.   When Gemma Sisia went on a safari to the national parks of Tanzania in 1995 little did she ...

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