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More support is needed to help kids with ASD

Teachers need more support to go that extra mile in working with autistic children, a leading autism expert has said. Chris Varney, chief enabling officer of I CAN Network, an organisation empowering young people with autism, said at a macro-level ...

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ACARA announces six new language options

The Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority has made six more language curriculums available (Arabic, German, Korean, modern Greek, Spanish and Vietnamese) on the Australian Curriculum website for Foundation–Year 10. A Japanese curriculum will be available next week. The curriculums ...

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Australia joins Eco-Schools program

Australia has become the 55th country to adopt Eco-Schools, an international program that aims to empower students to create a more sustainable world through fun, action-packed learning. Twenty years on from Eco-Schools’ initial launch in Denmark, Germany, Greece and the UK, the program is being ...

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Kids should learn a second language young

Children who learn a foreign language beginning in early childhood learning can benefit from increased critical thinking skills, memory and flexibility of the mind, experts say. University of Queensland bilingual education expert Dr Simone Smala said other benefits of bilingualism ...

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Yoga helps keep kids focus, research finds

Introducing yoga throughout the school day can help keep children motivated, focused and calm, new research shows. Charles Sturt University lecturer Rachael Jefferson-Buchanan is working with schools in regional New South Wales to introduce yoga to classrooms as an integral ...

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Teaching history to a modern-day learner

In an extended interview, education editor Antonia Maiolo spoke to Toni Hurley president of the History Teachers’ Association of NSW about teaching history in the 21st century. Hurley shared her views on the value of teaching the subject as well ...

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