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New research shows Andrew Tate’s effect on school boys

Content warning: This article refers to sexual assault, sexual harassment, sex trafficking and human trafficking. Support resources can be found here. A new piece of research has found Romanian-based self-proclaimed misogynist 'manfluencer' Andrew Tate promoted a culture of domination and ...

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What’s so special about a special school?

There has always been respectful debate on whether a child with special needs should attend a mainstream school, a unit within a mainstream school or a school dedicated to special education. We are fortunate in Australia that families have options ...

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SA: New school campaign to stop students vaping

South Australian schools will receive posters showing the harm of e-cigarettes and more support and guidance to manage students' vaping as part of the state's new campaign. Last week, South Australia's Chief Public Health Officer, Professor Nicola Spurrier, announced a ...

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