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Push for more sex education at school

Schools shouldn't be worried about teaching sex education as a new study showed parents want educators to cover more sex education topics at an earlier age. A new study from Curtin University surveyed more than 2,400 Australian parents nationwide from ...

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New study gives insight into teacher wellbeing

Teacher well-being is an important topic, as it not only affects teachers' personal lives but also has significant implications for their work with students. However, low teacher well-being and high teacher turnover are persistent issues in many schools. Pinpointing job ...

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Nature play areas underused by schools: new study

Experts have encouraged primary school teachers to use nature play areas to teach the curriculum and improve students' learning and well-being outcomes. Researchers from the University of South Australia analysed the use of nature play areas in 52 primary schools ...

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Building small habits to keep happy in school

Building small habits can help teachers’ to balance their mental health and workloads through the school year, according to a well-being expert.  This week, four million students returned back to classrooms nationwide to begin Term 1.  Former teacher and wellbeing ...

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