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Private school funding data sparks response

Recent reports of private school overfunding in Australia released this week have sparked mixed responses from education organisations and academic experts. In response to data suggesting that 98 per cent of private schools were being overfunded by the government, Christian ...

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Biggest cyber challenges facing schools in 2023

Australian schools are under pressure to protect student data amid an influx of new artificial technology tools and a rapidly developing social media landscape. Education Review spoke with Grok Academy's Lead Educator, Owen Brasier, to explore the greatest cyber challenges ...

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Australia’s students need more mental health support

More students in Australia are experiencing poor mental health and concentration issues during highly stressful periods like the HSC, new data shows. Figures released by the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) show that 6924 Australian students received extra support during ...

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Education leaders meet with Clare on school reform

Teachers, principals and key education figures will meet with federal education minister Jason Clare on Friday in Canberra to negotiate the upcoming National School Reform Agreement (NSRA). The meeting comes after the federal education department released a consultation paper that ...

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More than half of students want AI regulation

Australian students are using AI programs like ChatGPT as a drafting tool for assignments rather than to cheat, a new study has shown. A recent survey conducted by YouthInsight interviewed 567 young people aged between 14 to 26, with nearly ...

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