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Support your school community with ReachOut Australia

For more than 20 years, ReachOut Australia has been helping young people access support as they experience mental health challenges.

Free, anonymous and confidential, ReachOut is a safe place where young people can express themselves, get a deeper understanding of what's happening in their lives, connect with judgment-free support, and build resilience to manage their challenges now and in the future.

ReachOut Schools is part of ReachOut, and provides engaging activities for students, credible and flexible resources for teachers and school staff, and practical support for parents and carers.

The service is designed to encourage the development of positive mental health and wellbeing across secondary schools in Australia, and to extend the impact of existing mental health and wellbeing programs.

ReachOut Schools’ resources are based on the latest research evidence, and developed in consultation with experts and school professionals. From classroom lesson plans to mental health information articles, resources are designed to be engaging, easy-to-understand and accessible.

Support that starts in the classroom

Educators are key figures in the lives of young people, and the classroom serves as an ideal environment to support their mental health and wellbeing, and their social and emotional development.

Among ReachOut Schools’ most popular resources are classroom lesson plans on mental health, such as managing anxiety and stress, accessing professional help, depression and coping strategies.

Other popular resources include lesson plans on developing resilience, such as building self-esteem, mindfulness, emotional awareness and self-regulation, and how to bounce back from adversity.

ReachOut Schools also covers an extensive range of other classroom topics, including bullying prevention, careers, study stress, social media, natural disasters, and transition to secondary school.

Lesson plans are mapped to the Australian Curriculum, NSW PDHPE Syllabus and the Victorian Health and Education Curriculum, ensuring they easily complement existing mental health and wellbeing programs.

Building teacher wellbeing and confidence

By prioritising their own mental and physical health and wellbeing, teachers can better support their students and school community.

Alongside classroom lesson plans, ReachOut Schools provides resources to encourage teachers to look after their mental and physical health and wellbeing, so that they can feel better equipped to support their students and school communities.

From developing personal self-care plans and managing burnout, to facilitating difficult conversations, there are a range of resources to get teachers started on their wellbeing journey.

ReachOut Schools also provides practical mental health information and student wellbeing resources. These are designed to help teachers and school staff to:

  • develop their knowledge and understanding of mental health issues
  • identify how students might be feeling
  • support students in seeking and accessing help
  • create safer and more inclusive learning environments
  • feel more comfortable in starting conversations about mental health and wellbeing

From tips for dealing with school refusal and supporting new high school students, to reducing mental health stigma and better understanding anxiety and depression, these resources equip teachers with the knowledge and confidence to support students who might be struggling with their mental health and wellbeing.

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